Monday, February 21, 2011


I had a rather eventful week this week. Well, it was eventful in my mind, anyway. I decided to try my hand at telling tales; not TRUE tales, mind you, but tales based on some truth. Here is CHAPTER ONE:


SEIFERT'S FARM MARKET was at the corner of HOWE ROAD and MOGADORE ROAD in my childhood. In the summer, everyone and their mother picked cabbage there... and it stank. Between the cabbage and humidity, there was a wafting of sheep manure. Sheep smells very differently than horse or cow. I still dream about the places of my childhood... manure memories.

I finished my one class this week. I really was not a fan of the final project (A game geared towards tween girls). I drew a lot of girly things and felt girly shame. It isn't my "normal" fare. Here are my contributions (I was "illustrator," can you tell?)

I'm not completely thrilled with any of it. BUT, alas. I drew the girls for the front of the box, designed the box, did the box layout, designed the money, drew the dice, let's just say I illustrated all of the above. I thoroughly enjoyed doing it too. That helps; love what you do.

Honorable  #1 daughter gifted me with these from ANNIE'S NATURALS:

Honorable son nommed every one save for 5. I ate FIVE out of this entire box of bunnies. They are far better than cheddar fish crackers. I don't like cheddar crackers even -- honorable #1 daughter assured me "they" were out of the Bunny Grahams.
"They" being WALMARTS (That's how you say it in the Midwest). You can also purchase here:


Yes, typo but it stays. Do you love Shakespear? Do you love The Big Lebowski? Then you will love:

Yes, you read correctly,
TWO GENTLEMEN OF LEBOWSKI. It's a "tragical romance." The first 3 scenes are FREE! FREE! FREE! And of course I haven't read them. But you can! (The publication is NOT related to anything Coen Brothers, Universal Pictures, Big Lebowski enterprises or my next door neighbor).  

The KIA website has this game where you launch your hamster and he bounces down the road. I can't bounce my rodent very far. In fact, I slammed into the side of my tank once. This reminded me that we had 2 gerbils. One became pregnant and had a litter. We separated her from him and they each had their own tank, just like in this game. She jumped out of the tank, just like in this game, right into his tank. We had another litter. He jumped out once and everything that was as tall as him ended up chewed on. One day, I heard a scratching in the kitchen. He was in the bottom drawer of the stove, where I keep pots and pans. I imagine he was considered a GOD when I put him back in his tank, put a screen with a book on top of it. He has seen "OUT THERE." Anyway, I can't bounce my rodent very far in this game...

I was asked by an art teacher to use one of my bunnies for an exercise. The exercise is ATTACK or DEFEND. The subject is this guy --------------->

If I get any results from that assignment, I will post. Otherwise, what would you do? What would Jesus do? If the bun's eyes glow, I would probably pee my pants.

Saw this and though it was the cutest thing... White Bread Baby!

Saw this and was... uh.... um.... "NO." White Trash Baby!
She is overjoyed to have a future on a pole. That looks like a double wide. I can say these things, I'm white trash. I do not know why this picture bothers me. I loved the Cracker Jack tatts. I have tatts. It's the TRAMP STAMP aspect of it, I think.

See her at WALMARTS.

One of my favorite artists is Shepard Fairey. He is best known for his Obama HOPE poster. The AP also sued him for his Obama HOPE poster. Actually, AP threatened to sue so he sued FIRST then they countered. This is from the man who sues Baxter Orr for parodying HIS (Fairy's) work and calls him a "parasite" for doing it. The from-a-well-to-do-family-and-RISD-grad has come a long way -- full circle. Shepard Fairy, you had me at "OBEY."

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