Friday, February 25, 2011


Another assignment. Gatorade. The first demographic is folks over 60. I shot for the Boomers.
The second demographic is kids 9 to 12. This demographic I went for Pokemon. Truthfully, I just wanted to draw Pikachu hammering back a Gatorade.

Penny you have done an excellent job using slogans and visuals that will entice your markets. The minimal imagery and color and the use of the product makes your first ad a huge success. The older generations have become accustomed to being enticed by modern and simplistic advertising pieces. I think that this is a very strong approach that they will gravitate toward. They will be able to focus on the words "Peace" and "Love" and then onto the headline. Good way to direct the gaze of your consumer.

Your ad for the younger generation is also very good. This can go a long way reaching your target audience by introducing some more vivid and intriguing imagery.

Yay Me! 

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