Sunday, March 20, 2011


I ran out of governmental loan money to finish my degree (technically it is my 3rd degree). Have no fear, however, as I will finish. I am determined. Even after having 3 pieces rejected for publication. Ahhh~ the artist's life for me!

I have no intention of ever paying you and I want to use you and then abandon you and steal all your hard work ... and claim it as my own and then never ever ever pay you.  I am no better than a common street thug and will outsource anything that I want produced if I am not able to find an American to do the job. I will commonly ask you to steal art and you will get left holding the bag if anyone ever questions you about it etc. Please submit your art for my T-Shirts that I sell and profit from. I want ideas that you put your blood sweat and tears into that take you literally hours to complete. Please keep in mind I have NO intention of ever paying you and I will make the empty promise of “Sharing the profits”.

"Rabbit's clever," said Pooh thoughtfully.
"I suppose," said Pooh, "that that's why he never understands anything."

O’Rourke took a moment out of his busy day to pen this little sardonic ditty about Toledo, Ohio. A local talk radio host posted this on his social networking site and spoke of it on air. The responses made me chuckle a little.

People from this quaint little burgh, who still live here (and will undoubtedly die here) defend this charming little shithole to the death. One caller accused O’Rourke of biting the hand that fed him. If O'Rourke bit "the hand that fed him" I would be more worried about him contracting ptomaine poisoning. I can say that because according to the all-knowing Wikipedia, "the word ptomaine is no longer used scientifically." I, however, implement it sarcastically. But, I digress.
Another caller pointed out that there is unemployment in other places. There are closed factories in other places. Etc., Etc., Etc. Everybody's doing it. All the cool kids are doing it. You know you want to... Why, for the love of all things good--would P.J. O'Rourke pick on US! WHY???

Isn’t step one admitting that there is a problem? Collectively, we (Toledo, Ohio) are having difficulty mastering a decent crawl. It seems that people think that this fact is acceptable (As evidenced by electing like minded individuals for the past 30 years).  Perhaps people are wrapped up in sentimentality and can't see the forest through the trees--Although there are very few trees left in Toledo, Ohio. Don’t get me wrong, my studio sits right downtown on Jefferson Avenue. There is a charm in looking out over this city. The River sings like all other rivers. The homeless live under an overpass near my studio. There are days I really like it here. It feels REAL when nothing else does. Usually, those are the days I am not worried about eating. You know, in the day, Jefferson Avenue was known as the strip that the prostitutes walked. I remember as a young lass going out with my best friend, night cruising Jefferson (her car was better than mine is now). Every woman we saw we would excitedly ask, "OH MY GOD - IS THAT A HOOKER?" Memories...

O'Rourke's Article:
Photos – Robert pence
Sweet Home Toledo

Toledo's Beautiful Phallus

How Low Can You Logo is a competition for Logo Design. In fact, it is to spotlight all things horrific in the world of logo design. Each winner is classic. Make sure to read the product description with the logos. All are reminiscent of my last place of employment:

THAT’S “MS. FROTCH,” TO YOU, BUSTER! Indeed, it is a crack at the Mick! In celebration of March and Saint Patrick (who didn't like snakes), I bring to you one of my favorite reads of the month:  IRISH RACIAL SLURS

Having covered all of that—Now let us look at the REAL issue destroying this God Fearing Nation: GINGERISM:

I demand reparations!

Reverse Gingerism
Most of my family are red heads. The red ranges from a darker auburn all through to a most-definitely-red red. Honorable Daughter #2, at the tender age of 3, once approached me about the hair color issue. The whole thing began when she made a new friend and she was OH SO EXCITED! “Look, Momma! She has blonde hair! JUST LIKE ME!” Indeed, the new friend did. Upon later inquiry, Honorable Daughter #2 revealed that she thought she was “ugly.” “Why would you even think that, HD#2?” Her answer—Because I don’t have red hair. 

I immediately took her on a field trip to Toys-R-Us and Kroger. The first stop was to show her how numerous Barbie was in comparison to Midge. “Woooooooow….”
As ornery as they look
She replied. Then I stood her in the hair

dye aisle of Kroger and together we counted the shades of RED vs the shades of BLONDE (I make everything an educational experience.  

People, it is the same recessive gene.

I still demand reparations.


Monday, March 7, 2011


I won another Zazzle recognition on Squidoo! Another featured product for BEST OF ZAZZLE WEEKLY WEEK 9 2011! I present the poster of CHIP THE MONK:

Read about it here:

There are so many wonderful things featured in the BEST OF ZAZZLE WEEKLY that this is truly an honor!

I was approached by Zazzle this week, because they wanted verification that a piece of work was actually mine! I was school girl giddy thinking someone was mistaking my illustration work for... well... someone else's! There is heavy Beatrix Potter behind this one, but that is it. The work was for a US postage stamp. I received a follow up letter (after I inadvertently sent about 15 emails to differing addresses inquiring, WTF? But in a nice business way). The letter was very sweet from a woman named, Amanda and she encouraged me to resubmit the stamp and reassured me the they were simply trying to protect my intellectual property. I know THAT is a lie because I have no intellect. <rimshot>.

... name of all things good is ANYONE supposed to type the metaphysical symbol for planet Earth in their CAPTCHA? It says to "Enter the following two words." I am pretty sure that THAT is not a word. I'm going to start collecting some of the more creative ones. I must have stared at this for a good five minutes, debating whether or not I was up for the challenge.

▲ ▲

I sold an inordinate amount of these in the past week: 

A minion is featured in one of my shirts! She sent this picture for us to admire! THANK-YOU, MINION!!

Here are the two troubled boys in a moment of peace. I have been working on bonding them. It has been a long haul. I have been able to bath them together without incident. Lance does well in Sammy's cage as he gets groomed. (Although we had to cool off the other day because Lance became snarky). When Sammy is on the outside though (He is incarcerated due to chewing issues), Lance gets feisty.

Bunnies are incredibly territorial. They look cute and fluffy but cross their boundary and you could end up bloody and full of shame. You, as a human, may THINK you can teach a rabbit that it's YOUR house, but you are sadly mistaken. Everything is theirs. Including your soul.
Sammy and Lancelot
I also ran across a picture of Dutch bunnies at 3 days old. Lance (Bunny on the reader's right) is a Dutch.

Sometimes I debate myself about being absolutely obsessed with these guys. Then, one day, myself showed me something rather interesting; a portrait painted by Milton Glaser. Who knew? Of course, when Mr. Glaser speaks of Mookie, it isn't with much love. 

My goodness. Isn't Mookie handsome? Milton Glaser once said that “art should keep us from killing each other by showing us what we have in common."

James Victore believes design should be a “big fucking stick with spikes that hits us over the head."

Check out James Victore's work. It is exceptional.

Truly, I have had so many times like this with my kids. I still do, although we don't dance or sing together much. If I play BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, AMERICAN PIE or BLUE ON BLACK, then we sing. In fact, we will all drop everything to sing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. I pray that never ends. At 1:04 notice the pet white rat crawling on the chair. Willard appears a bit earlier but you can really see him at 1:04. He crawls around a bit, goes off somewhere, comes back and crawls back in the chair. Anyway, here is to Daddy's dancing with their daughters. When I danced with mine, I stood on his feet. Good lord that man could Jitter Bug.

In closing this week, I present to you TRACY NELSON. Her band was Mother Earth. This song is one of her originals, Down So Low. Her voice is POWERFUL. There is no other word for it. She was a contemporary of Janice Joplin who never managed the commercial success. I have this song in my song list.

If you ever find a marvelous music video but cannot find a free MP3, I suggest visiting the web page:

With a free account (I signed in with Facebook), you can put the address of the youtube video where directed. They (whomever they are) convert the video to an MP3. They then give you a link where you can download the MP3. It is marvelous.Thank-you, They.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This wolf is neither big nor bad. Although it does seem he must get used to the squealer in the back. The first pig had gone to market so was not available for this sitting...

I cannot seem to sign into either store on Zazzle. The heartache is their issue, not mine. I try to sign in and am met with: An unexpected error occurred while processing your request. Please try again later. If you got to this page after manually entering the URL into the Address field of your browser, please make sure that it is spelled correctly. 

None of my errors are unexpected. They are usually do to me not paying attention -- so I suppose this is actually a bit of a relief.

My new hero: Charlie Sheen.
He is one of the VERY FEW that is appearing to be crazier than me.

"Apocalypse Now will teach you how to live inside of a moment between a moment."
Good Lord.

He loves the smell of napalm in the morning...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I came to find out that my The Bunny Stop® lens is one of's FEATURED Lenses. I am not quite sure exactly what it means, but I know it is GOOD because they wrote "WOO HOO!" next to the special green check!

This first of the month brings me to being posted on's "gifts" site! This is a fantastic site for bunny information about care, feeding, illness, adoption and buying all things bun!

Ernie Perich (Art Director) gives us 32 reasons to know we're tired , old, bald ad hacks.

"1. I could care less about any of the 4,000 ad award competitions."

Eddie was once asked if he were going to retire. His response, "Retire?" Then he pointed toward the sky and said, "Only one man’s going to retire me."

It was an honor to do some of your gig posters. Thank-you for the music.
August 16, 1923 – February 27, 2011