Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 - Year of the Rabbit

The year started well with not one, but two, recognitions for THE BUNNY STOP!

The design here, Year of the Rabbit, as well as my little bunny in a tea cup pendent, were given Squidoo honors for exceptional rabbit artwork.

I am also quite busy trying to finish up the face cards for my deck of cards. It seems the 365 project took another odd turn.

I look forward to the new year! NEW BEGINNINGS!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
I managed to secure new color pencils for the new year. I initially wanted soft ones. I *still* have my original SPECTRACOLOR soft pencils. They are some of the best I have ever used but the company went out of business. I am planning on experimenting with DERWENT'S COULORSOFT pencils. After reading blogs like this:

Robs Art Supply Reviews

I am thinking the COLOURSOFT may be the way to go. In the mean-time, the investment went towards PRISMACOLOR VERITHINS. What can I say? I don't look back! VERITHINS are probably the hardest substance on earth next to diamonds. I will say this, however, they are excellent for detailing.

After I do the initial sketch with my faithful mechanical .05 pencil, I actually ink the drawings with a MICRON .05 illustration pen. After the initial shadows are put in, I like to start marking details with the Verithins. I must admit, it takes some getting used to; they have a whole different feel.  I notice when combined with my softer pencils, I am pleased.

I have not been neglecting my studio or work other than the bunnies. Well, I haven't cleaned the studio in a while and I believe it is time. I have books all over the floor, from HR Geiger to Beatrix Potter. The latest piece out of the studio is an illustration embracing GOSSIP.


The original punchline with this is: You never liked my hair, but your husband seems to love it.

I never said I wasn't walking out issues of the bizarre.

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