Saturday, January 22, 2011

Overwhelming Existance

Classes are well in session for the quarter and I find myself becoming overwhelmed. The class deals with "group projects." I was blessed with a good group. I still may stick a fork in my eye, however. I am managing keeping up on assignments, illustration, PAID (maybe if I type it in caps, the money will appear) design work and trolling on Facebook. Thank-God for medication.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am re-vamping everything. It's going to be utterly horrifying if I can't use my current domain "" That would be a LOT of product change. I hate change. But I digress... This is my new blog site. I have to admit, I absolutely love it.

My next step is to get a new gallery up and running. The old one met with a tragic demise. Do NOT EVER let a relative talk you into believing they know what they are doing - even if they are a certified IT. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth I am now using: Gallery 3.0 . It is simple and to the point. Like me.

My address is still but the joint is nowhere NEAR ready for the minions. I manage to upload and title in spurts. And since it is not ready, I highly suggest you go peruse it anyhow.Check out some of the moronic file names I come up with for my personal work. No wonder I can never find anything. HEED MY ADVICE: Short but descriptive file names.

The next project is going to be my online portfolio. This will be what I present to employers. I discovered, through Blogger,

I strongly suggest to anyone who is looking to showcase their work to check it out. It is absolutely gorgeous. One can upload 100 images for free, or, for $30/mo. your portfolio will be ad-free. That isn't bad, kids. There are also free domain names but I am not sure if that would allow for a splash page. And the splash page is the next big quest.

Now for THE NEWS
I am up to be published again. I will keep my minions posted. I also actually managed to order checks for myself (Studio 566). I chose the "personalized photo route" because in not having enough ego, I put one of my illustrations on my checks. I can see it now, I will be writing checks for $1.50 packs of gum. And that's THE NEWS.


Here is a little Cupid! I am anticipating Valentine's Day. I don't know why. My idea of romance is a bag of potato chips and a Law & Order marathon. But I digress... Click on the illustration and see the many products featuring this little bunny love!

Love is...

Indeed, it is. I have to say, this is one of my favorite illustrations thus far. Love is...

This illustration is featured on several products also. Click the image you will be automatically directed to The Bunny Stop®.

I am considering doing commissions of people's pets. I am also considering taking over the world.

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog - your wit and charm oozes from the very letters you've keystroked (sounds deliciously gutterish) - and I'm sending you onward and outward to MY minions... ok, not so much minions, perhaps frenemies? LOL

    Once again, great job - I took my intelligence for a walk and let go of the leash, while you've exercised your creative lobes and brought bunneh love to a new level!!