Saturday, January 15, 2011

The King of Hearts

The Bunny Stop® is moving products already! I must send out a very special "Thank-you" to the people at Squidoo  and Zazzle for all of their help and recognition. It truly is humbling.

The newest "faces" from Studio566 are the Face Cards for the suit of Hearts! The deck is nearly complete and will hopefully be available before I retire. For whatever reason, this suit took me a bit longer. I am not quite happy with the queen but then again, I feel she has a wonderfully "queenly" look on her face. It may be a re-construction in the future, but as of now, she stays.


The Jacks in all four suits are inspired by the Rabbit Testa, held in Japan. About 8,000 rabbit lovers visit the annual two-day event in Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture, suburban Tokyo. People (crazy women) dress up their bunnies for a photo opportunity in hopes to get into the event's calendar.

Notice the expression on the bunnies' faces. I get that look quite often around my house. I'm not sure if it means, "KILL ME," or "I'm going to KILL YOU." I am suspecting the latter as I discovered one of my bunny inspirations creeping on me earlier today...


Imagine walking past the stairs and seeing Basement Bunny (Samuel L. Jackson -- Rex) staring down at you from his lofty place. I believe he may be plotting my demise for that Christmas Stocking incident (artwork forthcoming).

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